Sloping Block Builder Beaumaris

Gain Awe-inspiring Views From Height With The Best Sloping Block Builder in Beaumaris

You have your sights set on building your dream beachfront home on a sand dune to have a picturesque view of the coastline. You are planning to renovate your hilltop residence to have a daily glimpse overlooking the city. No matter what scenario or where your property is in Mornington Peninsula or in the southern suburbs or the southeast region of Melbourne, Saltvu Builders is your go-to sloping block builder that can deliver the most awe-inspiring views from height.

What Is A Sloping Block?

Unlike your usual standard home construction sites that are flat for the vast majority of the area, a sloping block is a piece of land that is tilted on an incline or a decline in any direction. Also known as a ‘sloping site’, these types of land will have uneven levels of elevation and can either be sloping up, sloping down, sloping side to side, or a combination of the three.

Commonly found in Melbourne, designing and building custom homes on sloping blocks can present a vast array of complex and difficult challenges. Unfortunately, not every Melbourne builder is capable of overcoming the adversities that come with constructing on a sloping block. This requires the knowledge and expertise of a tested-and-proven difficult site builder.

With a rise and fall in elevation of approximately three metres on average across the building area, design and construction of custom homes require creative and innovative thinking. This is where our highly skilled and vastly experienced team here at Saltvu Builders can provide you with their knowledge and expertise from concept to completion and beyond.

Why Build Your Dream Home On A Sloping Block?

Why Build Your Dream Home On A Sloping Block?
Building your dream home on a sloping block can work to your advantage if done right. By getting Saltvu Builders to be your sloping block builder in Beaumaris, you can –

See Absolutely Stunning Views All Around
Picture yourself waking up to the panoramic views of the coastline and the city every single day and night. By building your dream home at the heights provided by a sloping block, you can have an unimpeded glimpse of your beautiful surroundings.

Save Money From Natural Ventilation & Drainage
With your dream home being on elevation, you will have better airflow for ventilation and the slope for your drainage to happen naturally. So, you can save a lot of money from initial construction expenses and energy bills once your house is up and running.

Create Uniquely Beautiful Exteriors
Building your dream home on a slope will allow you to create uniquely beautiful exteriors on multiple levels. Imagine having a breathtakingly stunning infinity pool on one level and an exquisitely landscaped garden on another.

Gain Unlimited Supply of Natural Light
With your dream home perfectly situated on top of a sand dune or a hill, you will have a near-endless amount of natural light going into your property. This will also save you a lot of money on your energy bills because you will not need artificial lighting all day.

Why Choose Saltvu Builders As Your Sloping Block Builder in Beaumaris?

As a seasoned beachside builder, we have successfully designed and built a 4-bedroom and 2.5-bathroom double-storey holiday home perched high on the sand dunes above St. Andrew’s Beach. With the stunning Mornington Peninsula National Park as its backyard, the 300 square metre custom-built “Dune House” is constructed on a sloping block.

Having an elevated living space, the owners are able to admire spectacular views of the ocean, the dunes, and Arthur’s Seat ranges in the distance through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Able to house a large family while meeting the extreme demands of the local area’s bushfire attack levels and severe coastal conditions, this is a perfectly designed and executed sloping block construction delivered by an expert Southeast Melbourne builder.

We can do the same for you. So, if you are planning to purchase a property on a sloping block and want to build the most beautiful custom home or if you want to renovate an existing sloping site residential property, Saltvu Builders is your go-to sloping block builder in Beaumaris. Get in touch with our team today.